What We Do

What We Do

We, at Brickroad Art & Design make unique, limited edition – hand-painted and handcrafted products, all created in India. Our  products are pieces of art that could be used and flaunted as unique everyday products, at social gatherings, at lunch parties or as quirky work companions.

Our Collections:

Rangbibi – Hand-painted and Handcrafted Bags by Brickroad. Made in India.

From gravelled paths to sunny mornings, cold stone steps on hot summer days, to quiet corridors and mosaic floors – through to walls of ornamental wooden screens, to peeks of bustling homely tête-à-têtes –  bibis (ladies) in their aangans (verandas) with their endless pieces of white tapestry being dipped into wet colours, crinkled, tied and dried in the sun – our collection of Rangbibis takes us back to those memories – simple, hearty conversations and colourful terraces with dupattas and sarees often hand soaked by the many gifted Ammas, Ammis and Buas of the family. 

Nachapva – Hand-painted and Handcrafted Shoes by Brickroad. Made in India.

Once upon a time there was a lady in a village. She was a bright and smart woman who had completed her schooling, however, like all women in that village she used to cook, clean and take care of her house. And like many men in that village, her husband made sure that she could not do or say what she really wanted to. She could not be who she wanted to be or do things she loved. She had sadly got used to this submissive and mundane life.

It was only when her daughter got married and moved to the big city, she for the very first time travelled to visit her daughter. And more than the big buildings, glitzy people and magazines, street side shops, malls and big city lights, she enjoyed the freedom she got in her temporary new life. Because of her daughter’s immense support and encouragement to become financially independent, she also managed to study and complete a course at a polytechnic in the city.

It was soon time for her to head back to the village, she packed her bags and armed with newly acquired skills and education, headed back to her village. On her arrival, back from the city, her husband looked all around the train station yet failed to find her. Then someone tapped lightly yet firmly on his shoulder, he turned around in astonishment to see his wife, she had a wry smile, the darkest lipstick and the zaniest clothes, a confident body language and a graceful attitude. He asked her “tumko kya ho gaya hai, dimaag thikane nahi hai kya? (what on earth has happened to you, are you out of your mind), to which she replied “Ab mera dimaag thikane hua hai. Bahout chape ho aur na chapva” (now I am thinking right, you have supressed me enough, but you could or would not supress me any further).

She then opened a small school to educate the women in her village and share all the knowledge she had acquired back in the big city.

Our collection of shoes, Nachapva is born out of this story – plain, everyday shoes, that were often ignored, or considered anything valuable or that of beauty, have been transformed into a colourful, stylish and quirky product with lots of personality – it talks about being confident in your skin, being free and having a voice.


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